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I'm an independent 3D/2D artist, animator, web/graphic designer, video editor, archivist, and musician currently residing in the lovely state of Iowa. most of my work consists of 3D models of (copywritten) cartoon characters, though I tend to do a bunch of original work as well, mostly scenery.

As of writing this, I have currently worked on over 80+ pieces of work in total, which can be viewed in my portfolio.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Before you start constantly bugging me about pointless topics, I would advise you to please read the following:

Q: Where did 'PajamaFrix' originate from?
A: The old computer game 'Pajama Sam' and I forgot how I really coined 'Frix.'

Q: What's with you and your obsession with X, Y, or Z?
A: Ask yourself about why you're obsessed with whatever you're obsessed with and talk to me again later.

Q: How do you do the VHS effect as seen in Xploshi's videos?
A: Maybe later.

Q: Can I use some of your work in a project I'm working on?
A: It depends. if you ask me, I'm okay with it and you give credit to me, then I'd be okay with it being used. Otherwise, please don't.

Q: Do you take commissions?
A: Mutuals only, but even then very rarely. I'm still considering setting up a commissions sheet, but don't expect it to happen any time soon. That said, if I do I probably have no plans for 3D commissions at all.

Q: Will you ever make your models downloadable?
A: Soon.
Q: You aren't the first to make X and Y into a model!
A: Does it really matter, though? Everybody's going to put their own little spin on things eventually. It's not like only one person is able to do it and nobody else can ever do it again.

Q: Do you take requests?
A: I only take requests from friends and mutuals.

Q: Do you expect to be popular some day?
A: Being popular is not my main intent. I do what I do just for fun.