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I'm an independent 3D/2D artist, animator, web/graphic designer, video editor, archivist, and musician currently residing in the lovely state of Iowa. most of my work consists of 3D models of (copywritten) cartoon characters, though I tend to do a bunch of original work as well, mostly scenery.

As of writing this, I have currently worked on over 80+ pieces of work in total, which can be viewed in my portfolio.

  • Song: Menu - Lumines II (LIVE!)

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Before you start constantly bugging me about something, please read the following:

    Q: where did your username come from?

    A: my username originated from various things:

    • the 'pajama' originated from some old 'edu-tainment' title from the 90s, as my character was originally based upon one of the characters. it was also based upon my former twitter account: 'pajamadarkness'
    • 'frix' orginated from the word 'frick' (which is a 'kiddy-way' of saying 'fuck'), though actually originated from a scrapped webseries called "house of frix".

    Q: why are you obsessed with X, Y, or Z?

    A: *shrug* does it matter? maybe it's because i find that thing fascinating?

    Q: could I have a download link to one of your models?

    A: potentially? might make some public if anybody wants to convert them to garry's mod or whatever.

    Q: do you take requests?

    A: no, especially not logo requests. *shudder*

    Q: why are there so many dead/broken links on your site?

    A: either I don't have the time to update them, or that I don't have the time to make a page for this and that because of a lack of words.