last updated on january 9th, 2019
AIM Phoenix An AOL Instant Messenger revival server. It's great, however it can be buggy at times. Website
A.N. Lucas's Web Lounge A slice of the web. This guy is one of my many inspirations. He's got a large archive of 88x31 buttons, which is pretty neat. Most of the buttons are from that site. Website
88x31 Buttons
Cokenutz' Site Uh oh! A site run by another one of my friends. His site may not look like anything at the moment, but eventually more work will be done. Website
Escargot MSN Server An MSN Messenger revival server. Currently in progress with getting WLM (Windows Live Messenger) and ICQ (?) to work with the server. Website
Frix's Personal Junkyard I host things over here since I can't do it on Neocities. The home page is pretty much all that can be viewed right now. Website
Global Weather & EAS Society (GWES) [1] A group full of fans of weather and the Emergency Alert System. May sound weird, but it's true. Website Discord Facebook
OxiClean OXI-CLEAN LAUNDRY DET--oh wait, wrong one. Website
Prevue Guide A community based upon an old electronic program guide (EPG) channel from the 80s onward. They've got a forum, a wiki, and a Discord server. Wiki
Forum Discord
Spriteclad [1] He's the one who inspired me to continue to work on the site. Check out his cool things! He has a page full of sites that work on older browsers. Website
Old Sites
Wiby The search engine for classic websites. That's about it. Building a web more reminiscent of the early internet. Website

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