Material that I've made using Blender, a 3-D open-source variety program created in Python with a mission to stay free to use for any purpose forever.

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'The Burgersville Talk Show' Intro || October 30th, 2018
Made for an episode of a Tornada series. I was going for a news-style intro, which ended up turning out to resemble the 20th Century Fox logo.

Current progress: finished - go watch it!

'Unnamed Christmas Short' || December 4th, 2018
Made for Azoko Loko's "Things To Watch During The Holiday Season" collab. This entry was going for a 90s CGI demo type feel.

Current progress: 78% - adding animation.

Tornada 3-D Logo Bump || December 18th, 2018
One of my friends, Coin Slot, asked if I could do this for his bump for Tornada, and I agreed to. Build time was about 15 minutes. The spiral/tornado was the most difficult.

Current progress: finished

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